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You may find the following links helpful in learning more about your diagnosis or treatment. Please keep in mind that these sites should not replace the information or advice given to you by your doctor.

Celiac Sprue - Celiac disease and gluten-free support page - Celiac Sprue information - Gluten Free Drugs

Dietary - NIH listing of dietary supplements

Hemochromatosis - American Hemochromatosis Society

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) - Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

Irritable Bowel Disease (IBS) - International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders

Liver Disease - American Association for the Study of Liver Disease - American Liver Foundation

Ostomy - United Ostomy Associations, Inc

Professional Organizations - American College of Gastroenterology, go to Patients tab - American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, go to Patient tab - American Gastroenterological Association, go to Patient Center - Pennsylvania Society of Gastroenterology, go to For Patients tab



New! Bethel Park raises funds, awareness for cancer - The Almanac by Eleanor Bailey

Colon cancer is on the rise in younger adults - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Dr. Mark Cedar

What are Anal Fissures? by Dr. David Limauro

Chance Encounter Saves Life of Pittsburgh Mother

Disturbing symptoms lead doctor to colon cancer diagnosis by Mark Hornung

STRETTA: A non-invasive treatment for GERD that may allow you to stop taking your daily PPI medication! by Dr. David Limauro

How GERD and Barrett's esophagus put people at risk for esophageal cancer by Dr. David Limauro

A fix for incontinence by Dr. Mark Cedar

A Difficult Diagnosis: Sometimes the hardest thing about celiac disease is finding out you have it by Dr. David Limauro and Mark Hornung

A Gut Feeling: Gastritis diagnosis surprises young Pittsburgh teacher by Mark Hornung and Dr. Mark Cedar

Age-old questions: Decoding the differing opinions on age cutoff for colonoscopy by Dr. David Limauro

Barrett's esophagus and other GERD dangers by Dr. Mark Cedar

Feel the burn: is heartburn keeping you up at night? You're not alone by Dr. Mark Cedar

The gluten-free fad: Difficult diet helps those with defined medical problems, maybe just a trend for others by Dr. David Limauro

Man up: why getting a colonoscopy could be the best way to preserve your manhood by Dr. Mark Cedar

Sitting Pretty: Hemorrhoids can be a literal pain in the backside, but you don't have to take them sitting down by Dr. David Limauro

Understanding lactose intolerance by Dr. Xuong Lu

HALO: Effective treatment for Barrett's esophagus by Dr. David Limauro

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